How to call bloody mary: Paranormal ritual 2021 guide

How to call bloody mary

How to call bloody mary?

You need to follow few steps and rituals to finally get into the step of,how to call bloody mary.First you need to know about the bloody mary scary rituals.
Bloody Mary is another character of urban legend and so many people wondering if she is real or just an urban legend But you have to accept the truth and the truth is yes she is real and the legend of bloody Mary based on true story.

As you know bloody Mary is mother of baby blue and there have another dangerous ritual we called baby blue game you can try both of games baby blue game also connected to the bloody Mary but if you want to play this game please play at your own risk.

Urban legends always at higher level of risk

And the bloody Mary is scary dangerous game where the players try to summon the ghost of bloody Mary is bathroom mirror.

 How to call bloody mary-Requirements,rules


1.A candle

2.Bathroom mirror or room with mirror

3.And also strong heart


1.First decide who is going to play this game first among your friends

2.You have to turn off the lights because for this game we need completely darkness

3.And now go to the bathroom with candle and close the door behind you so it will become completely dark place

4.If you do not have bathroom you can try to calling bloody Mary in another dark room with mirror

5.Place a candle in the front of mirror and light it make sure that no one followed you because you have to do this alone just you and darkness Or else this game won’t work

6.Look in the mirror and chant ” Bloody Mary , Bloody Mary , Bloody Mary ” three times

7.Keep your eyes open when you summoning to this ghost

8.Make sure you SUMMONING slowly and clearly so bloody Mary can hear your voice

9.Then wait for her to appear in the mirror

10.Spinning might make her show up after you spin around three times stop and look in the mirror to see her if she is still not appear spinning in the different direction

11.If she  appear attempt it,  if you challenge , but I cant take any responsibility if you get  yourself confined in a spectral horror world with the phantom of Bloody Mary perpetually.

12.To end this game you have to blow out the candle and leave the room as soon as possible and turn on the lights ..

Bloody mary rituals

According to this legend you have to go to the bathroom and have to stand in front of bath room mirror with one candle lit and summoning the ghost of bloody Mary by saying “ Bloody Mary” in to the mirror three times in a row . This game is only for brave people this is not just game this is test of checking your brave. If you have weak heart I recommend you to DO NOT EVER PLAY THIS GAME and this game is very dangerous. So do not play at all if you want to play this game play at your own risk nobody can take the responsibility of the results of this game.

If you see her scary face in the mirror, this will be happen to you..

1.Your eyes being ripped out and your face become scarred

2.You will found dead with claw marks all over your body and the face

3.You will disappearing like mysteriously from the bathroom and ending up trapped in the mirror with the ghost for eternity.

Legends of Bloody Mary..

 Bloody Mary-Story related

The ancient past of this SUMMONING play is based on mixed of legends and past that over the decades. But main basic of this story surrounding the urban legend.

Some people says bloody Mary was a witch that live over hundred years

The second story is modern one a local woman was involved in a car accident and her face was scarred before she died.

There is another story about the bloody Mary that is bloody Mary based on historical figure Queen Mary I of England

And some people says that name of Mary worth was derived from a victim of Salem with trials

Elizabeth Bathory also known as the queen of blood who was murdering hundred of young girls so she could bath in their blood.

Mary weathbery was a woman who was stabbed to death by her husband they say if you enter in to a dark room and say her name three times her face will show in the mirror and she will chase you will a bloody knife.

In Sweden there is a version of bloody Mary called svarta madame ( black madame ) she appears in the mirror if you say ” I don’t believe in you svarta madame ” twelve times she has black skin with green hair red teeth and glowing yellow eyes

Queen of spades is Russian version of bloody Mary

Veronica is the Spanish version of bloody Mary.

Kuchisake – Onna is Japanese version of bloody Mary.

Is it safe?-Risk factor

This is not just game it’s more than game it’s challenge. If you want to play this game do at your own risk If you want to play this game alone but remember start this game and end properly u should be brave.


This game has been consider as the one of most scariest and dangerous risky game , So many people having Interest in paranormal games. That’s why I am posting this article.

If you want to make connection with Bloody Mary then you can do it through this game. But it’s actual dangerous game.

I recommend you to DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME…

do not ever try this game we can’t say anything about the risk and we can’t imagine anything so try to enjoy by reading this article if you want to play do at your own risk....

Do not forget the rules and please follow the all instructions that I mentioned in the article

Please be careful and play this game

Paranormal games always on high risk and now you actually know how to summon the bloody mary, so you have to be careful when u play this game good luck for your mission..

Hope your question, you are clear now and read this only for the entertainment purpose, If you wanna try this game of your own please try it at your own risk.

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