Kokkuri-san game-Japanese ouija paranormal game

Kokkuri-san game
Japanese ouija
Kokkuri-san game also  known as a eastern model of Japanese ouija Board; classified below the category of occultism commonly called “table Turning” which takes gain of a highbrow phenomenon referred to as Automatism.
Kokkuri-san is the most  horrifying recreation in Japan.
It’s miles just like the ouija board and often performed via japanese school children who need to summon a spirit so they can ask questions on the future. 
This game is commonly known by another name too, The japanese ouija

How to play this kokkuri-san game-Japanese ouija

Your reuirements:
1. at least  people 
2. sheet of paper
3. Pen
4. Coin

Rules of the japanese ouija game

Step 1: Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a “torii” at the pinnacle of the web page in purple ink. 
Write “sure” and “NO” on either side of of the torii. below this, write one row of numbers (from zero-nine) and 3 rows of letters (A-Z)
Step 2: Open a window or a door in order that the spirit may be capable of input the room .
 The torii represents the gateway to a Shinto shrine and the spirit will enter and go out via it. 
Step 3: area a coin at the crimson torii. All and sundry ought to placed their index finger on it. 
Step 4: call the spirit with the aid of announcing “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, in case you’re here,  please flow this coin.” 
You can ask the spirit some thing you want and it’ll move the coin to spell out the solution. 
Step 5:  To cease the sport, you have to ask the spirit to leave by means of pronouncing, “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please go back domestic.”
 The coin will circulate to “yes” and could then come to a relaxation at the pink torii.
Step 7: when you are sure that the spirit has left, you ought to break the paper. either tear it up or burn it.
 The coin you used have to also be spent before the stop of tomorrow.
Be aware: Kokkuri-san isn’t always risky and is a miles more secure alternative to the ouija board. 
However, it is nonetheless now not advocated that you play because many humans can come to be dissatisfied or depressed in the event that they get hold of answers they do no longer like. 
Additionally, take into account that Kokkuri-san may be a chunk of a trickster spirit and can without problems lie to you.

Mr. Kokkuri Rules

1) put together a paper with the japanese syllabary, the words “sure” and “no,” a picture of a torii (gate discovered in Shinto shrines) drawn on it. 
Also get a ten-yen coin.
2) placed the 10-yen coin at the torii and feature every player region a finger at the coin. Start the summoning rite by using
3)  chanting, “Mr. Kokkuri, Mr. Kokkuri, please come see us. 
When you have come please say sure.” The coin must then slide to “yes,” indicating his arrival.
4) Ask him some thing you want and return the coin to the torii for each new question.
5) while completed, start the returning ceremony with the aid of chanting “Mr. Kokkuri, Mr. Kokkuri, please go returned.” 
Also, don’t be a jerk: keep in mind to say “thank you very much.”

Mr. Kokkuri Warnings:

1) Don’t do it alone.
2) Don’t do it half or take this as joke
3) Don’t be afraid and don’t be in any weakened mental kingdom.
4) Don’t allow cross of the ten-yen coin
5) If Mr. Kokkuri does no longer leave, keep asking until he does.

 Origin of Kokkuri-San

The typically regarded rule of Kokkuri-san includes a couple of humans setting the bring about their pointing finger on a 10 yen coin which itself is located on the crimson Tori’i [鳥居] 
Photograph at the pinnacle-middle of the paper with japanese alphabets and numerals written on it. 
As a way to begin, the individuals may first ask Kokkuri-san (usually concerning a vulpine spirit) to be summoned and if Kokkuri-san is efficaciously summoned, the coin want to circulate to the phrase “certain” [はい]. 
From there, the people also can ask numerous questions to Kokkuri-san and the solutions can be replied thru the coin preventing on one letter/range to three one-of-a-kind in the long run formulating a phrase on the identical time as smooth sure/no questions are replied via the coin pausing on each “immoderate satisfactory” or “no” [いいえ] phrase. 
To save you it, the people also can likely ask Kokkuri-san to transport away and if the coin stops on “high nice”, it technique that the consultation is terminated.
There’re moreover opportunity techniques of Kokkuri-san along side the simplest accounted in “Reiwa-aruka” [霊はあるか] (2002) via the usage of manner of the use of the usage of Prof. 
Ikuro Anzai [安斎 育郎] (1940-gift) wherein a eastern style pen supported through using three short bamboo sticks at the center of the paper automatically writes the answers.
One (collectively with myself) also can assume that Kokkuri-san is primarily based without a doubt really certainly certainly off of an animistic eastern folklore/faith, however regular with “Yokai-gendan (new edition)” [妖怪玄談] (1900) with the resource of using Prof. 
Enryo Inoue [井上 円了] (1858-1919), Kokkuri-san first originated in 1884 from Izu Peninsula [伊豆半島] of Shizuoka Prefecture delivered to the community harbor network via American sailors who regularly carried out desk Turning for entertainment; in the long run  in the japanese society, unluckily turning into Kokkuri-san we apprehend of these days

Kokkuri-san experience:

This tale of mine befell nearly 2 years ago. around that point I started out to get a piece greater interested by spooky, paranormal things. 
There have an internet site I frequently go and i searched a gaggle of paranormal rituals The midnight guy, One man conceal-and-are looking for, 3 Kings even though the ones games seemed exciting, i used to be too hen to attempt them due to how risky they appeared. 
The best game that failed to appear too unstable become a japanese Ritual called Kokkuri-san
I belief it seemed cool to try it out a while, specially because of the truth the danger issue wasn’t too high. I made the “board” from a piece of paper, and place it aside for when i might in all likelihood use it. 
That day got here speedy after, when my more youthful sister and i’ve been putting out one evening.
 We were chatting once I added up Kokkuri-san.
“Uh… Kokkuri-what?” modified into her response. 
Ten minutes later, after explaining and persuading her to play, we had our pointer fingers at the coin and had been ready to summon Kokkuri-san. 
Even though, being her pragmatic self, she nonetheless had doubts approximately it running.
I notion it appeared cool to attempt it out a while, specially due to the fact the danger component wasn’t too high. 
I made the “board” from a bit of paper, and place it apart for when i would in all likelihood use it. 
That day got here quickly after, when my younger sister and i have been hanging out one evening. 
We have been chatting after I delivered up Kokkuri-san. “Uh… Kokkuri-what?” changed into her response. 
Ten minutes later, after explaining and persuading her to play, we had our pointer palms on the coin and were geared up to summon Kokkuri-san. 
Although, being her pragmatic self, she still had doubts approximately it operating.
With my coronary heart beating anxiously, I called out, “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, in case you’re here, please move this coin to yes.” 
We waited about ten seconds earlier than I known as out a 2nd time… not anything passed off. 
My sister become getting impatient, and i referred to as out once more, “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, if you’re right here, please–” My adrenaline immediately shot up whilst the coin began guiding itself towards yes inside the middle of my sentence
whilst the coin finally rested, my sister accused me of moving it, however I swore that I failed to.
 Fast, I diverted lower back to the sport via asking Kokkuri-san what my name is. The coin began shifting again, albeit slowly. It spelled out…
“Oh god,” become all I had to mention. My sister asked the identical query, and it spelled out her name, too. 
When you consider that I knew Kokkuri-san become a trickster spirit, I requested questions dealing with matters approximately my current lifestyles. 
Things that I knew for certain were correct. “Kokkuri-san, what is my dog’s call?”
Over again, the solution changed into right on the mark, however my dog’s call turned into spelt wrong. It turned into Phoenix, like the legendary chook. 
My sister should have forgotten approximately Kokkuri-san being a trickster spirit, as she requested questions on the destiny. 
She requested, “Kokkuri-san, when will i have a baby?” The coin moved as much as the numbers and stated, 
I don’t know if the solution approach she’ll have a child at twenty three years vintage, or likely in 2023, however that solution is one which nonetheless sticks with me nowadays
I requested Kokkuri-san wherein we lived. It commenced spelling out the call of my U.S. state’s capital, and i puzzled why, considering that we do not live everywhere close to it. 
While Kokkuri-san was spelling I asked, “Are you trying to spell ?” The coin stopped unexpectedly, then glided to sure.
It changed into time for my sister to invite a question, and she requested where Kokkuri-san become from. 
All at once the coin began to head BERSERK, gliding everywhere in the board, stopping at letters for half of a second apparently at random, then persevering with its adventure all round. 
My sister and i had been getting fearful (to say the least), and the coin finally stopped a touch while later.
After that, I requested wherein Kokkuri-san become inside the room. unusually, I didn’t get a beneficial solution. 
I commenced to develop uneasy, and advised my sister to invite the closing query. “Kokkuri-san, will I be famous at some point?” 
In my head I idea that turned into a silly query to ask considering the fact that Kokkuri-san is a trickster, and that the answer would not be correct. 
Simply as I anticipated the coin moved to yes, and my sister turned into über happy. 
I did not need to sound like a jerk and said, “true for you.”
After my sister and that i completed, we instructed Kokkuri-san to go back domestic. The coin slid to yes, and eventually rested at the torii. 
We nevertheless had our pointer fingers on the coin for what regarded like for all time, waiting to see if some thing greater could come after that, 
however, nothing did.
Afterwards, i used to be shocked to analyze my sister concept i used to be the only transferring the coin. 
She claimed she felt me shifting it, however I swore I didn’t. however, I ought to admit, it did sense a chunk bizarre while the coin became transferring all through itself. 
Even though to nowadays I swear on my soul I didn’t move the coin. Kokkuri-san did. My sister isn’t always having that, even though
After gambling, I tore up the paper and spent the coin at a Subway tomorrow. I notion that could be the stop of it.
 However, a few weird instances of bad luck took place afterward, even though I took the proper steps to get rid of the sport. 
My sister ended up being locked inside the lavatory, due to the fact the bathroom door’s lock had in some way come to be busted. 
She was trapped in there for approximately a half of hour till a own family friend got here over and switched the doorknob out with a brand new one. 
I joked along with her approximately the twist of fate of playing Kokkuri-san the day prior, but she mocked me for suggesting he changed into behind it.
day after today, we were going to hang out at a public pool because it became going to be sunny, however from out of nowhere it started out to downpour.
 I used to be pretty wary after those two unlucky occasions, but, not anything else befell after that.


Hope you like to read the kokkuri-san game rules and all the experinces.
I donot recommend you, you playing it yourself, if you still want to play, play it at your own risk.

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