Rules of the ouija board-All you need to know

Rules of the ouija board
rules of the ouija board

Before we dig into the study about the rules of the ouija board ,let us know in details what actually is it. There have so many paranormal games like closet game , bloody Mary , blue baby , but this game is different this game is just like Charlie game.

Among many paranormal games ouija board has special place . Because it is very famous game among teenagers and kids .But many people playing this game without any age limit. And ouija board is very dangerous and one of the most dangerous paranormal scary game because you can communicate with spirits maybe demons through this game.

We can not imagine about results of this game maybe it will be harmful. Do not ever try this game because paranormal games always on high risky level Using this spiritual scary ouija board you can have interesting experience maybe it will be worst experience it depends on the spirit.

Some people believe it as a entrance to another creepy world. But most people seeing this game as a harmful . Especially do not take this game as too serious.

Ouija board also calling as ” Spirit board ” or ” Talking board ” this board is flat one with marked with letters and the numbers 0 – 9

Words like ” yes “, ” No ” and ” Hello ” , ” Goodbye ”  for continue our conversation with spirits basically we using small heart shaped piece of plastic or wooden we call it planchette as a moveable object. People believe that they can talk with dead people..

Rules of the ouija board

Ouija game is easy but it is not solo game

Requirements of ouija board

Ouija board if u Don’t have this board you can make this board. This game is not solo .Few people can join with this game

Instructions-Ouija board rules


It is better use this ouija board at night time because surely it will work because less interference is in the atmosphere but as your wish you can use anytime

Create some atmosphere

This game will be more interest if you have dark room and light some candles please turn off lights and tv before start this game

Have a seat

The two players should take a sit facing each other with the board on their laps do not use table

Decide on a questionnaire

If you play this game with two players both of players can ask questions or anyone else in the room can only one of player should be the medium

Place your fingers on the planchette

You and your friend should place fingers on both hands very lightly on the planchette move it. You have the planchette around in a circle on the ouija board for moment to get it warmed up


Do not ever let the board control this discussion the one player should begin this game by calling that the discussion will only allow an experience that is positive or toward higher good and that negative energies are not allow


Start this game with simple question

Be polite

When this conversation start means when the board starts working thank the board or entities for showing up and communicating with you

Do not ask any stupid questions

Like when am I going to die? Do not believe everything the board tells you . Do not accept anything that the board tells you

Also,read about the scary doll ritual

Close the board

This is very important step when you done with this game slide the planchette to goodbye and remove hands


Have someone to write down the message because sometimes the letters spell very quickly so keep the third person with pen and paper so that person can write the message

You will get better results if you have not been drinking or smoking

If board starts to giving rude responses immediately close the board

Do not ever take this game too serious

Here are 5 sign of danger  to remember when working with  the Ouija board.

1. The Ouija board is real!

2. It is a the door of welcome to the dark soul of the other world or spirits 

3. It will make you belief and other player by speaking the truth about the players involved. It will even spell out your secrets.

4. It will spell out the numerology of a extinct or loved one so you will think they are trying to approach you. But it is a play to control you.

5. It will let you know about  your 5 amazing validations about you or a caring one living or deceased. Then for example it will tell a child to construct a bomb and take up your school.

I suggest if you have a Ouija board, throw it out. The movie title is accurate, Ouija: Origin of Evil. There are good and bad spirits in the universe. The safest way to stay protected is to pray and provide yourself in the white light. Stay away from these trickster energies.

Is it safe?

This is not just game it’s more than game it’s challenge. If you want to play this game do at your own risk If you want to play this game alone but remember start this game and end properly u should be brave.


This game has been consider as the one of most scariest and dangerous risky game . So many people having Interest in paranormal games. That’s why I am posting this article. If you want to make connection with spirits then you can do it through this game.

BuT it’s actual dangerous game. I recommend you to DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME…

do not ever try this game we can’t say anything about the risk and we can’t imagine anything so try to enjoy by reading this article if you want to play do at your own risk….

Do not forget the rules and please follow the all instructions that I mentioned in the article

Please be careful and play this game

Paranormal games always on high risk you have to be careful when u play this game good luck for your mission.. Always remember there have many kind of spirits good and bad the bad spirits will give you worst experience


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