Horrific cursed phone numbers to avoid

cursed phone numbers

Cursed phone numbers

The arrival of the halloween brings the wish to try or look for some really creepy and spooky games or try some kind of cursed phone numbers. 
These scary numbers are believed to have got some curse in the past and are still on the go.
Whoever tries to call these creepy phone numbers may end up with some really bad happenings.
The reason behind this is there have some urban legends behind of these phone numbers and some people said behind of these phone numbers there must be curse. 
So if you are brave enough for this Halloween season try to give ring. Maybe you will be lucky and one of the call you back
If you wanna try these creepy phone number to call, do at your own risk we do not take any responsibility
So I recommended you to DO NOT try these numbers we do not have any idea about the danger

Scary phone numbers to call-Don’t you dare try these

There are some list of scary phone numbers that work, well I personally recommend you these numbers to never call.
828 – 756 – 0109
WARNING – if you wanna try this number please dial it correctly
Because if you misdial this number you will connect with real person’s phone number. 
In this case, you hear anything other than message that’s means you’ve misdialed
Do not be rude to the person and check the number again before you press the call button
When you connect with this number you can hear man’s voice but his sounds like code but when you convert that code into the text it’s means ” Death ” maybe you will connect with this number good luck for mission
If you call this number you will get voicemail leave him a message so he will call you back
” There was water in the cellar after heavy rain “
” Smoke poured out of every crack “
” Fishingin in a mountain stream is my idea of good time “
” Those words were the cue for the actor to leave “
When you connect with this number you can hear this kind of sentences you will hear male and female voices as long as you stay in the line you will here these kind of meaningless messages
666 – 666 – 6666 – or 1 – 666 – 666 – 6666
So many people receiving scary and creepy messages from this number some are says these calls are come from the devil and the calls do not showing on the phone bill
999 – 9999
There have Thailand urban legend behind of this number when you call this number guy can make wish and it will come true but you will die and this number also cursed one
Red numbers
In Pakistan there have some people who received calls from red numbers but people were warning each other to do not pick up the red number calls
090 – 4444 – 4444
There have Japanese story behind of this number in Japan they known this number as ” sadako’s ” number if you call this number you will hear some creepy scary sounds And you will die within week. Sadako is the ghost of ring movies so be careful
0888 – 888 – 888
People says when you dialed this number you have to die with a horrible death
In America there is an urban legend behind of this number they said through this number you can connect with devil
1 (207) 404 – 2604
This number connected with a Carrie horror movie at the end of the movie this number was displayed and it says call this number when you call this number you will receive three calls from different numbers first one is screaming second one is spooky singing and the third one is scary whispering
There have legend in England that if you call this number you can female voice saying that “help me help me Suzie’s drowning or help me help me Suzie’s dying ” this number not dangerous but it’s sounds so spooky
If you call this number you can hear male voice that threatening you and if you did not agree with him you will die within a week
Thats not only numbers that you should not call there have many more…
1.Remember some numbers works only for few people and some numbers only works for few countries because those numbers are legends and some phone numbers depends on the time that you are calling but these numbers are so spooky….
2.Remember if you are going to call any of these numbers you need to be brave but if you are scared do not try these numbers…

Truth behind these scary phone numbers:

I have collected this numbers  from my scare loving friends. 
So, most probably the real truth behind this game is unexperienced by myself. 
Though the movement of strange things in home, strange noises, shadow moving around were some of the creepy things might occur after calling this curse phone numbers.
Do not ever take these numbers as joke be serious if you want to try these numbers do at your own risk because we can not imagine about results so I recommended you to DO NOT TRY THESE NUMBERS…
Do not forget the anything and please follow the all instructions that I mentioned in the article

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is a ghost phone?
Technially, any untraceable phone call number is called ghost phone number, but here the creepy things comes into play.People seems to believe it is a number of someone who is not alive,but still affectionate towards his/her phone.
2.What is God’s phone number?
776-2323 is called as the god’s phone number.
3.Is 666 a horror number?
According to a reddit user, 666 is termed as the devils number, which implify it as a horror number.


Please be careful and try these numbers.
Paranormal things like cursed phone numbers are always on high risk you have to be careful when u  try these numbers good luck for your mission..

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