Angel Number 11 Meaning & Symbolism (2021)

Angel Number 11 represents the concern of the angels regarding the mission of your soul or purpose of life.

This angel number 11 is also referred to as the master number which brings the meaning of encouragement and inspiration from the angels regarding the development of your abilities which might improve humanity.

angel number 11 meaning


It also highlights the spiritual enlightenment principles and encourages an individual for spiritual awakenings. This answer is also the source to remind us about the realm of spirits and the physical world.

You have taken birth in the material world to complete a particular purpose of life as a spiritual being.

Though many of us lack the idea of what purpose we have to serve on earth.

When the angels came to know about this confusion, they send those motives to us in form of an encoded message hidden in Angel Numbers.

Angel Number 11 Meaning

Besides being an Angel Number, Number 11 is also a Master Number which has high vibration of energies like number 11111.

Angel Number 11 meaning

Eventually, number 11 contains 1 as its constituent number, appearing twice.

Number 1 represents the qualities of 

  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Optimism
  • Positivity

Most interestingly, the two times appearance of number 1, doubles the vibrational power of angel number 11, Additionally, being a master number that power is multiplied further. Hope you can get an idea, what power this number actually possesses.

Another common example of the number combination formed by 1 included number 1111. So, if you had encountered this number currently, feel lucky enough and try to match all the meanings to your life phase. Try to find out which fits better for a more relevant interpretation.

Angel Number 11 also brings the message to increase your level of spiritualism by aligning them with the person’s power.

Moreover, 11 on behalf of Master Number highlights “spiritual illumination” as well as “inner teacher”.Angel Number 11 also refers to the intuition power which helps us to understand other feelings as well.

This power of intuition grants you the ability to make connections with others and can help them. It is the great work in spiritualism one can do. Do you want to be that person?

Though sending numbers is one of the ways used by Angels to communicate with material beings, still there are various ways in which these numbers can appear.

Angel Number 11 Meaning & Symbolism (2021)

Reading a book? The number 11 can pop up in front of you, maybe through the page numbers or date. 

Buying fast food? What if the price booklet reveals the number 11. Or going to buy groceries, what if you get an extra 11% off. 

There are many more ways, in which angel number 11 can appear. Just you need to be attentive to have it. These numbers appear in disguise It is your duty to identify them and under their meaning.

If you are unable to recognize it, you might fail to get help from the universal power source and end up bringing sadness and sorrow in your life by choosing the wrong path.

Angel Number 11 Spiritual Meaning

Angel Number 11 spiritual meaning

Did you recently pray to God asking for certain answers to some queries you have indulged yourself? Or you might be tensed, How to drive your life on the correct path and gain the life you always dreamed of.

The primary meaning of Angel Number 11 refers to the purpose of life from the divine source.

The multiple-time occurrence of this number is a signal that you are reaching your highest spiritual potential to fulfill your soul purpose.

It also urges you to make fair use of skills residing inside you. The time has come to make the proper implementation of talents and leadership you have.

The Angels also mentioned the spiritual path which you gonna choose is too hard and challenging. Not everyone has the capabilities to follow it.

But if you have that willpower inside you, then no one can stop you. So, the main irony lies inside you only. It is you who have to decide whether to follow the path and be successful or leave the path and be sad.

The angels are always with you. No matter whatever the situation became they will never leave your side in any case. They even had provided the road map through angel number 11 which you must follow. This will finally make you get the skills, which will eventually benefit humanity.

Here are some of the meanings listed, which you must look into:

#1 Enligtenment and Inspiration

number 11 meaning

The arrival of Angel Number 11 into your life is not a matter of coincidence. Through this number the angels want you to stay inspired.  They urge you to leave the corner of your tiny little room and go out to do whatever gives you satisfaction, joy, and happiness.

Follow what angels showed you. This will help you to fulfill the purpose of your life. Every living creature who took birth on this earth has a mission to serve, so do you. It would be beneficial for you if you get this point soon.

Assume it as the morning alarm for you to wake up and align yourself with the higher self. It suggests you chase your intuition with a clear mind. This is the only way through which you can reach the life purpose.

This message will come, over and over again until you give them attention and take action on completing the mission. This will make you like a lightworker to throw light and help the needy out there. You will be their inspiration in the world of darkness.

In short, chase your intuition, be use to the needy, and magic will change your life.

#2 Accept joy and excitement

number 11 meaning

Angel number 11 is quite powerful and it brings a message which is powerful too. Angel wants to convey to you the message that a new phase you live in will begin soon.

This new life phase will fill your life with excitement and joy, beyond your expectation. Make sure not to doubt the angels in any case and the right direction will follow you once you accept the opportunities.

This can be a new startup, a new job, a new position, or many more. Dig in your brain and try to remember, do you have any new startup ideas in your mind?

Or is there any chance for promotion in your current workplace?

There could be many possibilities. You have to figure it out.

These opportunities will make you achieve the aim of life. There are many secrets awaiting you to be explored and accomplish the soul’s purpose. A heartful of faith and action of flow will make anything possible for you.

Also, you must keep patience. The right time will reveal everything perfectly. Remember the accordance of focus and energy flow. Be positive and watch the changes live in front of you.

#3 Inner Power

number 11 meaning

Every human being on earth is gifted in their own unique way. They hold powers differently. But the major problem is that they don’t know where to discover it or unleash it. Moreover, they don’t have angel’s support like you also. So, just imagine how lucky you are.

Keeping this in mind read the message very attentively.

Modern culture and society chase modern education and ruin the secret connection we used to have between our strength and inner guidance, especially during Jesus’s time. In modern times we are being taught the lies and forced to believe that power lies outside us. And to get it there are huge impossible steps.

In reality, it’s not the truth. The uniqueness lies within the person itself. The values, life purpose, inspiration, and desires cannot be the same for all.

The real power lies in unleashing yourself. Your capabilities and your truthfulness.  Stand with the true face of yourself and see how the world admires you. To reach that state of the unstoppable position, you need to go through the path led by inner guidance only.

So, why are wasting time? Go align your intuition. Regular meditation can help you out in these. This will teach you how to discover and release the power of the soul. Once you discover the procedure, teach others to replicate it for their inner power.

It is because you are special. The Angels choose you to show this angel number 11. Be Grateful, man!

Pray to the universal energies for the desire you have in your heart. Ask for the answers you are not able to find you. The Universal energies will never fail to please you.

An open heart and a clear mind are mandatory for this. 11 number beautifully signifies the power of intuition, new starting, and enlightenment. This will definitely bless you with joy, happiness, and life satisfaction.

Once more, you are Lucky and unique. That’s why the angels chose you and will keep watching you forever, in fact, you need any help and answer, ask them directly. They will not let you go down.

Enjoy your life and the magical experiences will chase you for life long.

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