The shoebox telephone:The dangerous ritual of 2021

the shoebox telephone
The shoebox telephone

The shoebox telephone: Paranormal game

Contacting with the spirits and performing with the certain spooky and creepy rituals are part of the shoebox telephone paranormal game and is most commonly utilized by the youtubers ,the teenagers and the scare lovers. Though these scary rituals can sometimes be worst, so it always recommended to try it at your own risk. Lets get to know, the exact scary rituals of the shoebox telephone.

How to play the shoebox telephone game


The shoebox telephone, like other paranormal rituals do need few requirements and some instructions and rules, must needed to be followed.

Number of Players

One player

Requirements for the shoebox telephone game

1.One phone booth a closet is better one paper cup
2.One shoebox
3.One length of thread, two to four feet in length
4.One needle
6.A power object ( but the object should have some connection to the person to whom you want to speak
7.One sheet of paper
8.One ink pen
9.One flat surface on which to write

Rules to be followed for the shoebox telephone game:

The outbound call
1.  Wait till the end of your day that means wait for the night before your bed time all the things is that your day is over. 
2.  For now it is you and the night  and you and your thoughts only. Now start this ritual please turn off the all electronic devices like Tv, computer, Mobile phone, Telephone, Radio etc.. but do not turn off the LIGHTS because u want just quite that’s why uh turn off the electronic devices and wait for the RIGHT TIME but what is this right time ? 
3.  We can not explain it but you will feel it once you arrive the right time you have to take sheet of paper and take out your pen and start to writing a letter addressed to the person to whom you want to talk and you have to explain to that person why they should call you and do not ever cross out anything when you writing this . 
4. And remember do not correct any mistakes no need to overthinking you have to normally just write ur letter.
5.  When you are done with this step take up your length of thread and tie one end of it to your power object . 
6.  Using a needle insert the other end through the center of the bottom of your paper cup remove the needle lie a little knot and now here you have cute paper telephone. 
7.  Do not prepare this telephone before writing your letter first write your letter and prepare this telephone
8.  Now pick up the paper cup and read your letter aloud read it sincerely , including all the mistakes just read them this is your outbound call
9.  Now place the object and that letter the shoebox and place the shoebox ok the floor of your phone booth your closet then close the box but do not steal it then rest it on the floor of your phone booth . 
10. Leave the paper cup standing on top of the shoebox set the scissors down next to it
Now wait for the telephone to ring 
Inbound call..
11. The ring will come in your dream maybe that day night or some night after few days . You will dream that person trying to call you. 
12.  And you will wake up from the dream like middle of the night and know that telephone is ready to be answered.
13.  Now you have to get up from your bed and go to your phone booth do not turn on the lights and do not talk is the shoebox still closed with the paper cup standing on top? Perfect get  In to the closet sit down and close the door press the paper cup to your ear cover your other ear with your hand and now you must listen careful listen they are are calling after all keep movement to a minimum try to not make any noises and yes do not touch the shoebox do not talk even if you asked a question or ordered to say something
End the call ..
14. If you want to end this creepy connection or if you want to hang up you have to do one thing hold the shoebox lif firmly closed with one hand and pull on the thread with the other hand until it is snap if you unable to snap this string then use the scissors but do not open the shoebox
15. Remove the shoebox and leave it for several months again but remember do not open the shoebox
 16. Do not put the paper cup to your ear again it will be dangerous so burn it as soon as possible
Please follow the all of Instructions
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Safety Note:

1.When during a outbound call step three and four like your feeling absolutely certainly that is time to begin does not arrive within the space of an hour , now go to sleep and try again the next night . If your right time does not arrive stop this game try to contact another person or you have to take break for a few nights do not write anything in doubt it will result in dialing wrong number
2.Do not ever prepare your telephone before writing the letter first write your letter and prepare the telephone
3.If the ring does not arrive after few nights that means the person you want to contact has nothing to say you so try to contact another one
4.If connected to the wrong number it is not good for you so try to contact the right person. If you contact with another person results will be,
5.The wrong person try to pretend to be the right person
6.The wrong person will give you bad time so please be careful try to contact the right person
7.I am posting all the paranormal articles for people who having interest in rituals and paranormal games and this game is very dangerous  do not ever try this game we can’t say anything about the risk and we can’t imagine anything so try to enjoy by reading this article if you want to play do at your own risk….
8.Do not forget the rules and please follow the all instructions that I mentioned in the article
Please be careful and try not to  play the shoebox telephone as paranormal games always on high risk you have to be careful when u play this game good luck for your mission..

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