The hosting game-Scary rules & rituals in 2021

The hosting game
the hosting game

The hosting game: what is it?  

The hosting game is popular youtube trendy paranormal scare play ,often used to be practiced among the grown ups youtubers and teenagers or scare lovers mostly for entertainment purposes. This involves the paranormal party by inviting 3 unknown, horrific  members(ghosts) to a dark room, commonly known as the hosted room in your home.

 Though there are have many paranormal games that you should not try . Because we can not imagine about the results. There are many games like blue baby , bloody Mary , the closet game, don’t ever try those game or take this game as joke. Functions are fun as long as you do not have uninvited guests through the game….

Yeah now you can imagine about this game The Hosting game known as “ Don’t look back

The hosting game
the hosting game ritual

In this game you have to invite three ghosts…

How to play the hosting game


The hosting game involves a single player, some creepy requirements and some spooky chants and must follow instructions and rules. These are listed below:

Players involved:

This game is solo game You will get best results.

Requirements for this game:


The hosting game
the hosting game requirement

1.A small dark lightless room


The hosting game


  • You need completely dark small room which is empty and is a part of  your home. That will be the room of host or denoted as the hosting room.
  • The room should be completely dark. windows should not be there if you have room which have few windows please cover windows and make your room completely darkness or else this game won’t work properly..

2.You need equipment for writing and yes, you need paper too

3.You need  time clock , wrist watch or another analog timekeeper

  • Always avoid your mobile, digital clock or other devices which are digital.

4.three matches is also needed to play this game.

Instructions, Spooky chants, and the hosting game rules:

The hosting game rules are quite simple but make sure to follow each one of them very preciously. Moreover, the chants must be clear to make this game working.

  • Most of paranormal games are played at night, likewise this game also, you have start at night. You can not play this game at day time
  • You have to wait till the night when the right time have arrived. Shut down all the  electronic noisy devices including telephone  , television , alarms and Computers
  • Shut down the all lights , excluding of the light in the room you hosted for playing the game. Leave that one on. If it has  no light bulb in the  hosting game play room you can light up the  candle ,elsewise you can put flashlight in your  room. 

  • The hosting game
  • Keep  the working pen , paper and  a working clock in your game room
  • Now it is time to start the main game. Now shift to the long distance point in your house from  your hosted room now you have to walk from one room to another making a walking path back to the  room of hosting .Whenever you pass a room you have to stop and call out louder “ I will be ready soon “
  • When you back to the room of hosting, use the pen and put down these message on the paper provided before ” You are invited ! A gathering hosted by ( your name ) Takes place from ( the current time ) to (an hour from the  current time) you can also bring your friend.
  • The hosting game


  • Now you have to keep the  paper on which the above message is written in the centre of the hosting game chosen room
  • get to the doorstep of your  room for hosting, in a way facing the room you have hosted for and chant “ I’m ready! Come on in ! “

The turnout 

  • Shut down the lights and flip-flop in such a way  the hollow  door to the hosted game room should be behind you.
  • while cladding the darkness of the horrific home make use of three matches
  • Few moments later of silence start counting loud starting 1-10. You must not look back at any cost.
  • When you are at the end of count for 10, hit the  the 1st match stick, and if your 1st match light on the beginning of  strike
The hosting game


  • Grab it as it burns out and address your so called “guests” by saying ” I am so glad to see you !! Thanks  for coming ” you should keep the match  lightup until it get down completely.
  • If your are unable to light up the  Match stick  on the early 1st strike leave your match immediately and move the succeeding step
  • Never ever turn back. Hit the 2nd match stick. If the 2nd match stick turn on, at the first strike .Grab the burning match stick till the uttermost end and address your guest by ” I am so glad to see you !! Thanks  for coming ” you must keep the match stick until it burn up completely at any cost.
  • If your  2nd Match stick donot light on the first strike leave your match at once and move the next step
  • Hit the 3rd match stick , if  it lit up  on the 1st hit scratch
  • Chant ” Now everyone is here “  loudly and start counting from 1 to 10 ,like you did before, once more. if you have done this correctly you will feel or hear whispering ” Thank you ” from back of you
  • Never ever look behind. Look at your clock indicates, the gathering finishing time you have to say louder ” Thank you for coming , Goodbye “
  • Get to the closest source of light and switch on; your scary game ended and guests have leaved you.
  • If the 3rd match stick does not lit up and and start burning on  the 1st hit means you have  guests those who are not invited by you. never  LOOK behind , never TURN beyond Don;t try to PAUSE and shut the  DOOR. RUN QUICKLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE closest LIGHT AND  make it on at any cost.
The hosting game

Risk factor:

Risk factor is high,as per “whytofear”


  • DURING YOUR GAME never TURN behind OR look around

We recommend you to avoid playing THIS GAME because you will have bad results….


read,about the ghost paper challenge

do not ever try this game we can’t say anything about the risk and we can’t imagine anything so try to enjoy by reading this article if you want to play do at your own risk….

Do not forget the rules and please follow the all instructions that I mentioned below.

Please be careful and play this game

Paranormal games always on high risk you have to be careful when u play this game good luck for your mission..

Always remember there have many kind of spirits good and bad. the bad spirits will give you worst experience I recommend you to do not ever play the hosting game because in this you have to summon for spirits. We do not have any ideas about the results so if you want to play this game do at your own risk

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