The hooded man game-The black horror ritual

The hooded man game-The black horror ritual

 The hooded man game

There have so many paranormal games. Here another dangerous scary and creepy paranormal game selected as a one of the most dangerous game.

So many games like blue baby , bloody Mary , the closet game so don’t ever try this game or take this game as joke.

This game is another scary game in this game you can make connection with spirits

We recommend you to DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME because you will have bad results…

As you know most of paranormal games based on urban legends . This game also based on another urban legend.

I will give u some steps but you should memorize because if u made any mistakes while playing this game it’s very dangerous 

The elevator paranormal game will bring you to another scary strange place.

This game is actual dangerous game so If you want to play this game do at your own risk

This ritual also same like the elevator game yes you can enter to different world in elevator game you want an elevator for take you to another world but in this game you need a telephone because you have to call for taxi and the taxi driver the hooded man will bring you to another world this ritual can be real because in the internet there have so many experiences .

This ritual should not be attempted in a state of nervousness , agitation , fear 



 how to play the hooded man gama:ritual


This game is solo game so for play this game need only one person


  • Two black ropes or cords measuring half a meter in length each 
  • A telephone you can use an old type telephone or you can use modern telephone too
  • Lighter or you can use matches
  • watch 
  • Salt 

Well now let’s start this ritual

  1. Close all the windows and doors also draw all the curtains
  2. Switch off the lights and also electronic things, set two black ropes, and also the lighter or matcher ,close to the phone 
  3. You should not have any power protections except the watch

Calling the cab 

  1. You have to start this ritual at night like other rituals 
  2. Now close the door and all windows draw the curtains too
  3. Switch off all the lights and electronic devices
  4. You should not have any power protections except the watch 
  5. Now sit down near the telephone and start count to 13 then dial this number 20496888
  6. After that tie one rope to the telephone handset and again dial this number 25515823
  7. Start count again to 13 and say ” Hello I need a cab “
  8. Now remove the rope from handset and tie it with second rope make sure you tie it tightly immediately you have to burn  first rope if you unable to do it as soon as possible then you have to burn it immediately when uh completed this game 
  9. Now open curtains if you completed this ritual successfully every steps you can see a black cab parked outside go to the cab climb inside of cab’s back seat and lock the door and you have to go to sleep

During the ride 

  1. When you woke up check the time by using your watch 
  2. If it time other than 3.30am exit the cab and enter to your house u have only two minutes for this step 
  3. If it time 3.30am go back to sleep 
  4. When you woke up again  you will see the cab driving on a highway with a man that is hooded man the demon of this ritual 
  5. In this case do not be afraid do not get out of the cab and also do not speak to others 
  6. When you want to stop your ride close to the hooded man’s ear and say ” I have reached my destination ” you will fall sleep last time when you woke up you will return to your started place 


  1. When you returned to your home dial 200082
  2. And say ” thank you for the ride ” 
  3. Now remove the black rope from handset and burn it and scatter some salt over the burial place
  4. Perform a cleansing ritual 



  • Do not talk with other passengers during the ride
  • Do not be afraid or do not try to get out from cab during the ride 
  • Please follow all the steps 


Do not ever take this game as joke be serious if you want to play this game do at your own risk because we can not imagine about results so I recommended you to DO NOT PLAY THIS  hooded man game…

Do not forget the rules and please

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