Charlie charlie-the game of pencil

Charlie Charlie pencil game:Paranormal games starting from the ouija board to the charlie charlie pencil game is quite common and appears  to be adventuring among the teenagers.
The birthday parties or a group study among the adolescence can lead to end up playing this scary pencil game.
This game consist of two forms,first form require 6 pencil and the 2nd form require 4 pencil.The arrangement of the pencil make the spirit of charlie to answer the question of the player by moving the pencil in yes or no.Lets discuss in details about the charlie charlie pencil game.
Charlie charlie-the game of pencil

What  exactly is this charlie charlie pencil game about?

Charlie charlie pencil game is all about a spiritual swedish ritual  of contacting a spirt(similar to that of ouija board,but here you have to make use of pencil instead of board) of a boy named charlie ,who killed himself due to child abuse(though according to other sources found in the internet ,it was found that the child was killed in an accident)

Alternative name of this paranormal game

This scary spiritual game is also famous among the teenagers by the name “charlie charlie are you there?” ,”Charlie charlie” ,”the pencil game”,

Requirement to play this game

1. Dark room(for prominent outcomes)
2. A candle
3.for 1st variation of this game:6 unsharped pencil
4.for 2nd variation of this game:2 pencils,a piece of paper(square or rectangular),a red pen and a black pen

Number of players required:

For 1st variation: you will need another partner (total player can only be 2)
For 2nd variation:you  can play alone

How to play this charlie charlie pencil game?

There are two types of variation for playing charlie pencil game,these are:
First variation:
Step 1: Light up the candle and hold  3 of the pencil ,as shown in the figure.
Charlie charlie-the game
Step 2:Ask you friend to do the same with rest of the 3 ,unsharped pencil.
Step 3: Align the unsharped tips of the pencil ,like the way shown in the  image.
Charlie charlie-the game
Step 4: chant  “charlie charlie ,can we play?” ,3 times (both you and your frbd should chant together )
Charlie charlie-the game
Step 5:
A. If the pencils move inward or upward ,it implifies ‘yes’
Charlie charlie-the game
B. If the pencils move outward or downward it  simplifies ‘no’
Charlie charlie-the game
C. If the one side of pencil moves inward and the other moves outward ,it implies ‘cant be replied now’
Charlie charlie-the game
Step 6: If you get positive reply ,then you can continue your play , you will get your answer in yes or no ,only .(so prefer to ask question ,whose reply can be either yes or no)
Step 7:when you want to stop your play,chant “charlie charlie ,can we stop?” …if you get a yes ,you can drop the pencils and stop the game ,and if you get no ,try to get yes for your game.
Charlie charlie-the game
Second variation:
Step 1: Take a white paper ,place the pencil in a  ‘+’ manner.
Step 2: Write ‘yes’ diagonally ,and ‘no’ on the other box(diagonally),as shown in the figure.
Charlie charlie-the game
Step 3:chant “charlie charlie,can we play”  thrice,if reply is positive the pencil will point towards the yes ,if negative it will point towards the ‘no’.
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Charlie charlie-the game
Step 4:when you are done with your play,chant “charlie charlie,can we stop?” ,if it points towards yes ,you can stop the game ,if no ,try to play a bit more and then try the same ending procedure.
Charlie charlie-the game


In both the variation the spirit of the charlie will reply  to the answer of your question ,by moving the pencil in only ,’yes’ or ‘no’.

Danger factor:

As far dated 2020,no death record was found to be caused due to this paranormal game,so we can say the danger factor is average.
But still its recomended to avoid it,(if you play this game,you will have to play on your own risk)

Problems you might face after playing this game:

Charlie charlie-the game
On the basis of my personal experince and the data available from the information source ,teenagers who had plated this game may encounter horrific nightmares ,moving of strange shadow of a child in their room, hearing of laughter of a child , a strange creature shadow bulging out from the celling of your roof,etc.
My personal experience: I played this game when I used to study in the 8th standard ,and I do get positive result ,but may be I was lucky ,not to encounter any of the above paranormal problems.
But my friend ,was not lucky enough like me,and he shared his experince of a scary  nightmare.
Note:You may face the worst situation,so I wont recomend you to try this game.

Reality or fake:

Most teenagers believe  the movement of the pencil might be due to the cause of air,or the pencil might be moved by your fellow player ,willingly .
Other believe it to be realistic and is only possessed by the soul of charlie,

Story behind :

It was believed ,that this ritual was quite old and in practise by teenagers.The boy charlie committed suicide as he used to face child abuse but  the other story suggest he was killed in a car accident.Though the truth behind this stories are not yet discovered.

Proof of this game:

Though this game was not a new one and is in trend over a long period of time ,many proof have been discovered which proves this game to be a realistic paranormal game to interact with spirits other than plan chat or ouija board.
Charlie charlie-the game
If you have already played charlie charlie pencil game,let us know which variation you have tried and what are the problems you faced.
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